Our mission is to provide our pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical device clients with objective Clinical Quality Assurance (QA) oversight as it relates to the conduct of clinical research and clinical/medical laboratory accreditation. Our clinical QA services are driven by ethics and competency which is supported by our comprehensive understanding of regulatory requirements and industry standards. We strive to ensure that our services exceed industry expectations which, in turn, ensures our clients success.


The CLINIQALTM, Inc. (Klini-Kwal) website provides our visitors with content which is designed to assist clinical research and clinical/medical laboratory professionals in the United States and Asia Pacific. Please note that by clicking on the two (2) yellow bars beneath the search prompt , users will be lead to helpful information supporting Clinical Research Compliance or Clinical/medical Laboratory Compliance.

The following information and services are available and are updated on a regular basis:

  • Multilingual capabilities to include: Chinese, English, Korean, Japanese, Thai and Vietnamese languages, as well as, various western languages.
  • Links to applicable country specific regulatory agencies, ministries of health and other government and notified body web sites.
  • U.S. and Asia Pacific regulatory information – helpful information for those that wish to conduct clinical research in Asia to include: country specific regulatory agency names and contacts, country specific requirements for the conduct of clinical research, estimated times of approval for conduct of clinical studies and product approval.
  • Forum / Blog (requires free registration with CLINIQALTM to take advantage of this service)
  • Ask the Expert – contact CLINIQALTM, Inc. for expert advice or join the forum to post and discuss relative issues with other industry professionals.



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